Executive Search Project – Key Account Manager

Study case by Creta Farms “Our Clients’ name is Creta Farms (http://www.cretafarms.gr/). This 100% Greek company has started to operate in Creta and turned into the largest company group in the meat and deli meats sector in Greece. We have been…

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Job hunt

Job Hunt – Motivation 1:0?

If you’ve ever been on a job hunt (which you might actually be right now, if you are reading this article), then you have definitely hit the motivation depletion wall once or twice. The research, the updated CVs, the endless…

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The 5 years question

The “5 years” question. Really?

Does anybody ever ask this question anymore? Surprisingly enough, it does still pop-up in interviews. And as with any potentially tricky question, the prepared job-seekers must ask themselves what is it that the interviewer is trying to find out. It…

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