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1tedjob Goes to Lisbon

Every year, November brings about “Europe’s largest and most important technology marketplace”. We are referring, of course, to Web Summit, a marketplace for innovation and the meeting point for the world’s largest buyers and sellers of technology.

We are living the digital revolution as we speak, facing major industry changes as a result of rapid technological evolution and it is now a question of the extent to which the technological disruption can transform our businesses and lives, rather than if it does.

Web Summit in numbers simply shoes that if your business is in any way related to technology, then this is the place to be, come the beginning of November: 15.000 companies from 165 countries, over 50.000 tech CEOs, founders, startups, investors and political leaders driving change across the world, more than 1.000 speakers – some of them leading academics, cultural icons and influencers and key global leaders.

Why is 1tedjob in Lisbon? (As if all of the above was not enough)


1tedjob was designed to disrupt the recruiting process; to change the way recruiting is done, in Romania and elsewhere. So we built a cutting edge solution for the recruitment process, in order to save our client’s time and money.

We’ve used all our experience in designing and building solutions for attracting and hiring excellent, talented professionals for excellent, strong companies, and we developed a series of tools to bring companies the most suitable candidates and to candidates the possibility to standout from the crowd.
It is no wonder, then, that we would meet with the world’s most disruptive emerging technology companies. Radu Stănescu (General Manager,, Radu Legheni (Sales Manager, and Daniel Rotaru (General Manager, Spada) will be representing the platform at Web Summit 2016.

They will not only introduce to the world, but are also responsible with gathering valuable insights while connecting with some of the world’s most important tech companies and most exciting developers, futurists and data scientists.

Being in the same room with this new generation of technology companies, Web Summit will be an inspiration. A place to learn about what new software and hardware can transform our work, social interaction, politics and life itself.
All the knowledge, the ideas and views on how the world is adapting to this new wave of technology will blend into improving our tools and making them more valuable to the people they were designed to help.

See you there!


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