change ahead concept with key on keyboard

How to know it’s time to change your job

It is common knowledge that Millennials are not the most stable generation of employees in the world. Actually they are far from that. The minute they feel something is not according to their beliefs and does not coordinate well with…

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Partnership concept. Isolated on white

How to keep great talent inside your company

Millennials are known for their often switch between jobs and opportunities. Their generation is nothing like the baby boomers who usually chose a career path inside a company more than a career path no matter their employer. Safety and long…

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Who are you written on a transparent white board

5 ways to build your personal brand

Those who believe that branding is specific just for companies and products are wrong. Building a personal brand is just as important, and not only CEOs, trainers and television stars are supposed to work on their public image. If you…

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Welcome to

I am here today to tell you about how the wonderful story of has developed from a simple idea to what we can all benefit from today – a complex platform meant to bring together great talent and excellent…

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