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Career opportunities

Study case by Creta Farms

“Our Clients’ name is Creta Farms (http://www.cretafarms.gr/). This 100% Greek company has started to operate in Creta and turned into the largest company group in the meat and deli meats sector in Greece. We have been working with them for almost two years now, and our cooperation has begun through our networking with their HR Director.” — Katerina Meimaroglou

“This industry is still fragmented, with ten big players dominating the market. Additionally, the most prominent player “Smithfield” has just bought a salami producer in Romania and put pressure on hiring good managers and staff. Even though I have collaborated with more than five strongest players in the market, the candidates were not willing to leave their current employer, especially for a new-entry player – knowing that the market is challenging for the newcomers to succeed.
In these circumstances, our role was to sell the image of Creta Farms in Romania aggressively to convince the candidates to go to the interviews. Only after the second round of searching, we were able to offer a short list of three outstanding candidates from which the client was ready to hire even two people (one is still pending). Creta Farms is very happy with the final candidate.
We have used the online platform 1tedjob.com to prepare the candidate profile, to test them by situational judgmental tests and to establish their employee profile. It was also a team commitment and teamwork between IRC Romania and IRC Greece – our colleagues called us, gave us the info very quickly, helped us to understand the requests of Creta Farms better. Thus our Romanian team felt very comfortable in collaborating with our colleagues from Greece.
I would like to give big thanks to our consultants who ran the project: Radu Legheni, being responsible for the search, running the second technical interview, assessing the shortlist within the assessment centre and organising all other activities. Iulia Bahovski, who was the observer in the assessment centre, ran the first interview for understanding the behavioural competencies and prepared the candidate’s profile of all people on the shortlist. My role was to coordinate the project and manage the interface between Romania and Greece.” 
— Radu Stanescu

Katerina Meimaroglou

IRC Greece


Radu Stanescu

IRC Romania and Bulgaria


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