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5 ways to build your personal brand

Those who believe that branding is specific just for companies and products are wrong. Building a personal brand is just as important, and not only CEOs, trainers and television stars are supposed to work on their public image. If you are in between jobs, you are very specialized in your field of expertise and you are targeting a specific job in a specific company then you should start working on your image. Here are five ways you can start developing a positive brand around your name:


  1. Make sure you communicate in a unitary manner on all channels

This means that you should have the same profile picture on all profiles, starting with Facebook, G+, Twitter and LinkedIn. The tone of voice you adopt on these channels, as well as on your personal website or log if you have one has to be kept constant and shaped just as formatting on all of these platforms. Either you write 500 words in a blog post or just 140 characters on Twitter, if you are serious, be serious on both channels.


  1. Make sure you network as much as possible where you should network

If you are trying to land a job in IT and you only go out in pubs, the theatre and concerts then you will have a hard time in building a strong image in the industry. Please make sure you reach all the events launched in your field and communicate with people who could recommend you if they are convinced you are right for the job. Don’t dismiss an event because there is a new series on TV. Your image is more important and people need to talk to you to remember you.


  1. Do volunteer work

If you hear of a project that you like in your domain then offer your services for free, be it a start-up or an NGO. It is very important to position yourself as somebody who knows how to offer help and who dedicated himself for the sake of a promising project, or a plan that will bring joy to he community.


  1. Give back to the ones who help you

If you get recommended by others, endorsed on LinkedIn, or nominated to people who might need you by somebody you helped in the past or you just worked with, then make sure you respond in the same manner. Do not get caught in the fight to step into the spotlight and forget who helped you to get there. This is how you build strong long-term friendships and professional relationships.


  1. Be constant in everything you do

You cannot make an effort during the month of September and expect to gather the results for a whole year from now on. Be constant in your struggle, post weekly on your blog, post every day on social media, be present at all events and communicate with the right people. Once you landed the job you wished for, don’t stop because this way you will lose credibility.


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