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Are you really looking for the right candidates?

Let’s imagine a situation. You need to fill a project manager position within your tech company. It’s a full team made of programmers and a few graphic designers. You also just added an UX specialist because the app needs to be ready in time and needs to be really good. Three months into the process you remain without the leader of this team. Now what?

The first thing is to take the previous project manager’s CV and figure out what person you need. But in reality,  that CV only gives you a sample of what work experience that person has. It does not tell you anything about how he should really be.

Many companies, because the recruitment process takes ages, try to simplify their lives by skimming through CV-s and searching for keywords like management experience, programming knowledge, people skills, working on similar companies.

The sole existence of these words does not guarantee you that the management experience that person has is a good one, or that his people skills are suited more for the company or more for a beer with friends.

A management position, be it even just a project manager one, requires a set of qualities that cannot be guaranteed through a CV. A psychometric test on the other hand might tell you more about the future employee than a recommendation letter. A stressful interview is more conclusive.

A project manager needs to understand the people he works with,  has to be able to mix the perfect designer with the perfect programmer and he needs to calm down the other competitive wannabe leaders without building tension in the workspace. Three years in a similar position does not guarantee he can do that. Attitude, character and personality, on the other hand…

And then you’ll say you don’t have time for that. Yes you do. With you do.  Just try it.

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