Job hunt

Job Hunt – Motivation 1:0?

If you’ve ever been on a job hunt (which you might actually be right now, if you are reading this article), then you have definitely hit the motivation depletion wall once or twice. The research, the updated CVs, the endless…

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The 5 years question

The “5 years” question. Really?

Does anybody ever ask this question anymore? Surprisingly enough, it does still pop-up in interviews. And as with any potentially tricky question, the prepared job-seekers must ask themselves what is it that the interviewer is trying to find out. It…

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Career opportunities

How to surpass challenges in career shifting

During your lifetime, you will have several decisions and changes that you’ll have to make and go through, regarding your professional path. Meaning you’ll change jobs, have difficult resignations, hurt some and disappoint others, grow or stagnate, professionally speaking. Every…

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Dream job

How to find your dream job

Everybody has been asked this same question at one point in their childhood: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” And almost everybody has asked themselves this question at one point in their adulthood: “What do I…

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What’s with the gap?

There’s nothing unheard of about having a gap or two in your employment history. The reasons are as diverse as they can get: travelling, sickness, being made redundant, family, a mismatch of personality with the new supervisor, even being fired….

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1tedjob poza

Tell me about yourself!

There are two questions that are most dreaded in interviews. One of them is the infamous “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” To which, of course, we suggest that you do not answer “Fabulously rich and retired on…

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City Urban Blueprint Plan Infrastacture Concept

Tips for effective brainstorming

Like with almost everything involving people, there is a wide debate about whether brainstorming is useful or rather a waste of time. And like with any complicated matter, the answer is that it depends. If the goal is to find…

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