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Watch your language, sir!

Many articles on CV writing talk about what info is most important to be displayed in a resume, in what order do you need to list this information – should you start with education and continue with work experience, should…

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Things not to write in your CV

  Every time someone asks for help regarding what to put in his/her CV my first questions is actually what exactly do you have to leave outside it. Building your CV should be something built based on the job you…

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Free goodies: Great e-book from CEOs

  Dear manager, if you were to talk to your younger self, what’s the first piece of advice you’d give yourself? Probably you’d tell yourself you can achieve everything, you need to stay focused and determined, you need to study…

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Why we’re not your usual job website

Dream jobs are difficult to find. If they simply were to be found all over the place, they would not be dreams and life goals anymore, they’d be formalities. You can waste your time by pursuing every lead and see…

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How to know it’s time to change your job

It is common knowledge that Millennials are not the most stable generation of employees in the world. Actually they are far from that. The minute they feel something is not according to their beliefs and does not coordinate well with…

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