Executive Search Project – Key Account Manager

Study case by Creta Farms “Our Clients’ name is Creta Farms (http://www.cretafarms.gr/). This 100% Greek company has started to operate in Creta and turned into the largest company group in the meat and deli meats sector in Greece. We have been…

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Wall Clocks Displaying the Time of Different Cities Against a Standard Time Zones of the World

Teams and time zones: the new challenge

With the rise of the Internet and English as a common language came a new category of workers. One that is not interested in building a career inside one company or work for one employer, but rather thrives on diversity…

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Young male happy hr manager inreviewing competitor for avalible vacancy

Essential skills and tips for HR managers

The HR department is often believed to be a handful of people who don’t really do much else than schedule people for interviews and making sure that everyone is coming in the next team building. Things are a bit more…

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fb picture

Employees versus Employers

  Where is the issue anyway? Why can’t we just get along well and build companies that not only prosper but also contribute to the community and make the world a better place? Because we are all different and synchronizing…

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How to do well in a job interview

Interviews are not everybody’s cup of tea, and that’s okay. Here at 1tedjob.com we tried to find a way in which it can help people who are not big fans of interviews manage to present their skills and their experience…

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Partnership concept. Isolated on white

How to keep great talent inside your company

Millennials are known for their often switch between jobs and opportunities. Their generation is nothing like the baby boomers who usually chose a career path inside a company more than a career path no matter their employer. Safety and long…

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