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Choose the right people for your business

Ah, recruitment. It’s that process that you always dread on when you are presented with a team member deciding to leave.

You can already see it – post a job announcement, have the HR department dig through endless LinkedIn profiles, call them to appoint interviews, go through tests, call them in for a second round of tests, make sure they are treated well, then schedule meetings between them and the mighty manager and so on.


You get tired only by thinking about it, seriously. This is why we came up with a solution to help everyone connect with the right people for their company as fast and as least expensive possible.


We could tell you all about it, but we’d rather invite you to test. Sign up as a recruiter, fill in the necessary details and create your account in just a few seconds.


Build your company profile by offering as many details as possible, because this will help us help you. Then post your first Job Offer in My Job Postings and here click on Add the Position you need to fill.


Here is where the real journey begins. After you fill in all the details, you can require candidates to take tests in order to qualify for the position you have open. Select if you wish the candidate took one of the existing predefined tests we built for you, or build your own test to evaluate the skills you wish them to have.


After all this is in place you can add an extra selection layer to filter the candidates even better: build a set of questions for a video interview, for the second phase of the recruitment process.


As soon as the process begins you will have access to your candidates list, their CV-s, the results they got on the tests, an interpretation of the predefined tests, and a general score of the candidate.


After all of this has taken place you should have a pretty narrow and suitable list of talented candidates. What’s left? Ask them over to your company to meet in person.


That’s it. Simple, time saving, cost saving and the certainty you choose the right people for your business.


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