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Employees versus Employers


Where is the issue anyway? Why can’t we just get along well and build companies that not only prosper but also contribute to the community and make the world a better place? Because we are all different and synchronizing large groups of people is complicated.

But this sync begins with hiring the right people in the right company. What many of the traditional employers doesn’t get is this whole brand new wish list that employers have. What do you mean, they don’t want more money?


And it’s true, according to 99% of studies, money is not the most important criteria for Milliennials to pick an employer. Things like flexible working hours, healthy snacks, gym membership, great colleagues, a bigger purpose in life are way higher than paychecks on their list. They need to feel they have a meaning, and that is why they will always ask questions like: how many of your employees work from home, what is your mission statement, what are your CSR main areas of interest and so on?


The times when the interview was made of questions that the employer had to answer are long gone as people are now more and more interested to leave a mark, have meaning and if they choose to dedicate themselves to a company they want to know they made the right choice.


On the other hand employers also seek for more guarantees that the employee will not flee after 6 months, they need to have real proof of their experience and also ask for results, team work and loyalty. Which is only fair. The secret lies in how these two lists of expectations really manage to find a common ground in order to create the love story each side seeks. A happy employee, a happy company and meaningful work done together.




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