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Essential skills and tips for HR managers

The HR department is often believed to be a handful of people who don’t really do much else than schedule people for interviews and making sure that everyone is coming in the next team building. Things are a bit more complex than that, definitely. An HR manager needs a lot of skills to keep things in place, to make sure the company attracts talented people, to make sure the right people fit in the right teams and also to recruit good people as fast as possible in order to keep the business going smoothly.


Therefore let’s see what would make a good HR professional:

  1. Someone who is very organized. When we think of large companies we have to take into account the fact that there are hundreds of employees, they all have contracts, they all have schedules, they all receive bonuses or penalties, they all need to go through training programs and so on. To keep track of all this you need great organizing skills.
  2. Someone who can communicate easily with everyone. In order to work with people you need to like people, to enjoy spending a lot of time around them, to be a good listener and a good mediator. Everyone has to feel welcomed, noticed and being taken care of inside the company. Since the HR manager is the first person they come in contact with from inside the company his first impression needs to be excellent and he need to form a bond with him or her.
  3. Someone who is reactive and proactive. Crisis is something that will happen in every company. Maybe a riot among the employees is bound to happen, perhaps the company is going through significant change and people need to be laid off or maybe a big team will enter the business very fast and they need to be integrated. All of these situations have to be managed with diplomacy, empathy and great caring. And the HR will be the centerpiece of all the crisis management process as they must handle the most important resource of the company: employees.
  4. Someone who is a bit of a coach. HR managers also have to act as career advisers for the people they hire. People will get bored fast if their work is repetitive. People want to get promoted or to explore other departments who are more or less fit for them. The HR manager has to be aware of everyone’s dreams and needs and make sure they stay satisfied.


It is not an easy job, that’s for sure. But it is a challenging one and it requires great people. So make sure you hire the right people who can hire the right people for your company.


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