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Free goodies: Great e-book from CEOs


Dear manager, if you were to talk to your younger self, what’s the first piece of advice you’d give yourself?

Probably you’d tell yourself you can achieve everything, you need to stay focused and determined, you need to study hard and work even harder and perhaps you’d advise on saving some time for more fun as well, right. We are definitely no Dorian Grays and we will grow old. It is important how we do it, what we leave behind and how happy we can get ourselves to be and how happy we can make others. This last checkpoint is of even greater importance for people who manage other people and who are responsible for acting like a model for them.


While what you’d tell yourself is easy to list, it would be great if we could access the advice from all great CEOs who have way more experience than us and who can actually help us not make the same mistakes they did, or maybe take shorter roads to success and happiness. Obviously we were not the only ones who thought about this. Glassdoor did too and what’s even better, they gathered all these great learnings in a free e-book.


The publication begins by telling us that „without your employees’ trust, you can’t build a thriving, engaging culture. The best CEOs know that encouraging, listening to and acting on honest feedback is a critical ingredient in building trust and an organization’s success.”


It continues with quotes from people like David Ossip, CEO, Ceridian Human Capital Management, Brian Halligan, CEO, HubSpot, Tobias Dengel, CEO, WillowTree, Inc., Dave Durand, CEO, Best Version Media and others. The book is structured on different chapters tackling important aspects of being a successful manager or entrepreneur.


Because you cannot gather everything in just one sentence (if you could then life would probably be very boring) Glassdoor also decided to separate the content in more categories. Here you will read the life lessons these people can share on motivation of employees, open communication, teamwork, and trust. It’s an easy reading, but definitely not easy to forget or not take into account in your professional life and not only.

You can download the e-book from here.


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