Happy holidays to you!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but also to make lists, to sum up, to think about where we’re going and what we would like to achieve next year. It’s not mandatory, but this is what usually happens.

From the team here at 1tedjob.com, we wish you a fruitful introspection, first of all. Secondly, we wish you a better year than the one about to end. And we hope that you achieve your goals and that you find your dream job or the best candidates for your company.

To help you with your list making, we thought of leaving you with some inspiration in the form of articles that have caught our attention. For candidates, we looked at the predictions in skill hunting for 2017 and dug out a formula for winning cover letters. Below, for companies, a reminder about how to give negative feedback (because no one is happy about performance reviews) and a report for how the state of state of employee engagement looks like in thousands of organizations across 157 countries.

Skills that will get you hired in 2017

Data and cloud are the two industries that rule 2017 and the ones where you will most certainly get hired. While cloud computing is a little harder to take up (we are looking at you, philology majors!), there is no better time than tomorrow to enter data science. If you can take huge amounts of information and analyze them for insights you’re all set up. Also, if you can visually organize data in a way that is easy for people to understand, that is another winner.

How to write effective cover letters 

Some might argue that the cover letter is dead. To all of them we have one thing to say: “You’re wrong.” For those dream jobs out there, resumes just aren’t enough on their own. If you want the job, you have to really stand out from the stack, whether it’s with a small website, a portfolio, a cleverly placed ad or a winning cover letter. Discover in this article the three-part formula to skyrocket your interviews from 0% to 55%.

Giving feedback is an art 

An older article from Harvard Business Review that we stumbled upon recently, reminded us of how difficult it is for managers to give feedback, especially negative one. As it turns out, negative feedback can have significant adverse effects on an employee’s well-being — and, presumably, their productivity, so this article takes us through a few principles that can come in handy at the next performance review.

The State of Employee Engagement 

As you probably know by now, employee engagement is one of the most important indicators of your company’s success. The people at Officevibe also know this, therefore they came up with an employee engagement solution. The data they collected through this tool was put together in the biggest research report on the state of employee engagement across the world. Check the report for things that companies need to keep in mind and for the current state of employee engagement, updated in real-time from thousands of organizations across 157 countries.

That’s all folks, see you next year!


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