How to build a career inside the company you work for


It is great we have a job, but for how long will this job be what makes us happy and aligns with our competences and abilities? Before you move further with reading this article, please make sure you have answered a very important question: is this the company where I want to work and where I will invest my time, energy and resources? Because if the answer is no, let me please invite you in the jobs section of our website and suggest you to browse the available position within great businesses.


If you aren’t convinced that where you are currently working is worth the trouble, then maybe you should stay true to yourself and go find what suits you better.

Ok, now that all of you answered the big question, let’s see some tips for building a career once you are past the front door.


  1. Become indispensable. The more replaceable you are, the less you will matter for the business. This is not necessarily true in small businesses, but imagine a corporation with thousands of employees. How you become indispensable, by being the best at what you do. Stay alert and always learn as much as possible from others and on your own. Be the best employee that company has ever seen and you will be promoted and your talent will be recognized.
  2. Be of help. If you aim for a higher position, keep in mind that once you get there you will become responsible for other people, for your former team members and you will be the point of contact with the other managers and the big bosses. Always be available for people, help them out and make sure you always remember where you left from because this will bring in other’s support and they will also help you when you will be in need of support.
  3. Be present. And by this we mean be present all the time. You don’t like company dinners, team-buildings and Christmas office parties. Then you probably don’t like your team or people in general, right? Then how do you expect having a good time in coordinating huge teams?
  4. Be relaxed, confident and plan everything. Growing inside a company is a matter that needs to be addressed just like all the other projects – planning steps, planning courses, trainings, meetings, asking for feedback from bosses, working on specific tasks, reading some personal development books to grow on all plans and so on. This cannot be done in under 12 months. This is a long term process and you need to be constantly capable of making efforts. You cannot exhaust yourself and then be a good promoted employee as you will be simply too tired to enjoy the step you just made further.
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