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How to build a successful career in Human Resources? – Interview

Having shifted towards Human Resources early in his career, Constantin Bacica has seen what the people and organizational efforts of large companies look like in different countries in Southern Europe and the Balkans. Today, we asked him about what he feels is essential for a successful career and what he expects from the new journey he is embarking on.

1. You will oversee the human resources departments of six countries from your position as People & Organizational Director. What was your career path up until this point? Did you plan specifically for this kind of role in a large company or was it also a case of favorable circumstances that you knew how to take advantage of? What do you think is essential to reach a position with such a high level of responsibility and what do you think positioned you as the best fit for the role?

I started my career in sales but decided to switch to Human Resources through the training department and to pursue a role as Trainer and Training and Development Manager afterwards. I do not see careers in large organizations to be a matter of circumstances, as this was definitely not my case. Rather, it is about finding your strengths and the passion to follow-up and to build, step by step, into direction you have chosen. Of course, the organization has to provide the set-up and opportunities to evolve.

As for what you need in order to develop your career, I would say there are four main elements: your strengths and characteristics (you must find your best fit), your level of engagement and dedication, your desire to grow and take risks and your leadership skills.

2. What seems to be the biggest challenge for the human resources departments in the countries that you have overseen this far? How do the HR professionals usually deal with it?

Some of the biggest challenges remain to be talent agenda and the attraction and retention of talents. Processes and policies are not difficult to make and implement, the same being true in the case of your business strategy, once you have defined priorities and the way to do it.

But, keeping the engagement level high, creating opportunities for people to develop and growing a successor within the business, these are not that easy and they require everybody to keep an eye out and dedicate their time and energy. And by “everybody”, I mean managers, line managers and senior leaders. It is one of my responsibilities to create the awareness and lead the processes that are supporting this.

3. How useful is an online tool like for the recruitment process? What shortcomings does it solve?

It is definitely very useful. A tool like 1tedjob gives me faster access to potential talent, and much bigger pool of selection. As main advantage, I see the steps of filtering the candidates through the test and video interview. Only if you are very ambitious and really want that job you go through all steps. This is a first clue about the candidates’ dedication and curiosity. I also think that it provides a sort of education for candidates regarding the recruitment process, which is a very good thing.

4. What will your job responsibilities as a People & Organization Director for Royal Canin be? What do you expect your typical day to look like?

I will be traveling a lot. The main responsibilities of such a position are in the area of organizational development, business support, people processes and recruitment, rewards and compensation and talent development. It might be that one day will look very busy, with a lot of conference calls and meetings, while other days will be more relaxed, with time to interact more with people. During my travels, I will try to remain as connected as possible. It’s not easy, but due to modern technologies you can have an interview or participate to a meeting either from an airport or any office in the world.

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