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How to know it’s time to change your job

It is common knowledge that Millennials are not the most stable generation of employees in the world. Actually they are far from that. The minute they feel something is not according to their beliefs and does not coordinate well with their values they start seeking for something new.


Their parents, the baby boomers, were quite different and they usually stayed loyal to their employer because they valued safety and familiarity more than anything. And while none of the models I just spoke of are the right way to do it, both of them have lessons to learn from.


Let’s now talk a little about you, the Millennial with a career plan. There are two ways to build one: you either manage to get inside the company of your dreams, or you follow the path of the job of your dreams, regardless of the company you are in. No matter in which case you find yourself, there comes a time when you feel you are stuck. And the first solution coming to mind is changing your job.


While impulsive is the new trend, maybe you should give yourself some time and ask a few questions. The answers might help you make the right decision. Here are some ideas to start from:


  • Can I still evolve in this company or there is no possibility for me to get promoted higher than I have arrived so far?
  • Is there anything else left to learn here?
  • Are there any other companies where I could go now? Is there a demand for specialists like me on the market?
  • If not, do I have any chance to make it on my own as an entrepreneur, or freelancer?
  • Is there anyone who could advise me in this matter? Give me an opinion on my career issue from inside the company? Maybe my direct manager or my team leader?
  • Is it the company that I dislike, or the field itself? Should I look for a new job or a new specialization?

If you can answer all these clearly then you will know what to do next. But until you can narrow your future development possibilities to the ones you really want to pursue, do not act impulsively because it might set you back on your career path.

If you feel it’s time then we are here to help you find a great employer: 


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