How to manage new hires

How to manage new hires in your company

As an HR professional, you will find yourself in the position of integrating new employees in your company. The way you manage the onboarding process will have a big impact on new hires’ career and productivity, as well as on the company’s efficiency and employer branding and, most likely, on your career as well. It’s common for new team members to be full of energy, curiosity and drive and staying this way will make a big difference for their overall wellbeing and advancement in the company.

There are several milestones to be passed every time you are handling a new hire:

1. Train them

As soon as new team members enter the doorway, you should begin their training. Focus on the company’s procedures, expectations, resources and their responsibilities.

2. Be empathetic, listen to them

Great companies owe their greatness in part due to the fact that they have well established processes and procedures and everything runs smoothly, on the clock. But even greater companies are flexible and learn continuously, especially from their employees. New employees, having a fresh perspective, can bring better ideas and can help improve things. Also, by actually listening to what they have to say, you encourage creativity and innovation and show that you value your new team members’ input.

3. Give a new hire a senior employee as a mentor

This is a great way to both reduce the time that you spend on training the new hire and also engaging senior members in the process, so they don’t feel neglected.

4. Set clear goals from the start

Setting goals from the start and communicating them is a milestone. Try to set them the SMART way, so they can be as clear as possible. Take and give continuous feedback on the tasks and on the outcome, but remember to be flexible.

5. Give feedback

Constant feedback is very much appreciated, especially by new hires who are still getting the hang of it all. Be open and remind them not to take things personally. In your feedback, focus on the behaviour, not the employee.

6. Build great teams
Even if your focus is on training new hires, don’t forget that one of your goals is to also connect them with the team. So, set some time for them to interact with the team, both on professional and personal matters, like having coffee or lunch together.

7. Reward success
Be sure to encourage new employees once they achieve the goals that you’ve established together. However, don’t forget to highlight the entire team’s success and continue to celebrate the success of senior members as well.


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