Interview – Kristian Tashev, Sales Manager Royal Canin Bulgaria

1. How is the new job?
I am very excited about the new position. The job itself, the company, the new people I meet and the new challenges are great motivators. Every day is something new and interesting. Also I am a little bit nervous because I want to establish a productive relationship with the new colleagues, to fit in and to start performing in the shortest possible time.

2. Can you tell us the main differences you noticed between a traditional recruitment process and the way things happened through 1tedjob.com?
I noticed the differences from the first contact with Roxana and from the follow up conversations with Ivan. There was a very personal approach but also I had to do more than just sending a CV and attend a regular interview. I was a little bit surprised at the beginning because I had to send a video of me answering a few questions. While rehearsing I even noticed some things I can improve in my communication because I had never seen myself speak before. So, no matter the result, I was already glad that I had this learning experience.
The assessment center was the second thing which surprised me. The process was very challenging because I had to take part in activities which I had never experienced before. Together with my direct competitors for the position, I had no idea if I was doing well or not until the last moment. It was strange because the whole process was organized in such a way that we became friends rather than competitors and the representatives from StarPerfomining made the whole experience very positive. At the same time I was relaxed because I believed that the process’ aim is to choose the right candidate for the position and that if I am that person this means that I fulfill all requirements and I am suitable for the job. The detailed feedback which I received helped me understand how other people see me and areas where I should work in order to improve my performance.
I took part in different recruitment processes in the past, but it was the first time to experience such a fulfilling and wide coverage, delivered through the tools from the 1tedjob.com platform. It is really designed to show your skills and capabilities in different circumstances and to open up your mind. It is engaging, exciting and a great learning experience. I am glad that I met many professionals with whom I hope I will have the chance to work, this time not as candidate, but as customer.

3. Can you give us advice for the people who barely begin their careers now? What should they do or not do when choosing a career path?
People who just begin their career should never do only what is written in their job description. They should always strive for more tasks and responsibilities because this is the best way to learn and to prepare for the next career step or position. They should also learn how to manage time and tasks in order to be productive. They should avoid working after the normal working hours and spend their free time for developing themselves through sports, additional courses, communication with others or just relaxing.

4. What have you found to be the most important skills in closing a sale?
There are few different methods for closing a sale and I have found out that all of them work in specific situations. The most important skill is to choose the right method depending on the situation and after you close to stop talking.

5. Can you please tell us one book and one personality that have had a strong impact on your career decisions?
It is very difficult to name only one book, since there are so many that impact my decisions in different ways. Maybe everything started from Robert Cialdini’s Influence. The Psychology of Persuasion. Also, there are many people that have had an influence on me. One of them is Ph.D. MBA Gregory Sand, “the father of merchandising”. I had the honor and pleasure to work with him on a few occasions in the past year and with just few words he managed to leave a strong mark in my mind.

6. Who is the smartest person you know? :)
I spend a lot of time thinking about this question. The answer lays in the definition of “smart”. For me, this is a combination of skills, knowledge and behavior which does not make that person to know everything about everything, but rather to manage every situation in the most suitable way. For me such persons are, again, Dr. Gregory Sand and Chris Moore, a trainer I had a few years ago who gave me a lot of knowledge and skills.

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