[Interview] Marius Melesteu: Our “wanted” candidate has a “can do” attitude


This week’s article is different from our usual tips & tricks as we decided to talk with one of the companies that has been using our platform and has gone through all the processes so far. Marius Melesteu (General Manager Strauss South Central Europe) was kind enough to answer our questions about the challenges of finding the right candidates, about what makes a good manager and about his expectations from candidates.


What is the most difficult thing when it comes to recruiting within a company?


Always, top and middle management jobs are difficult to recruit. Lately, we found out that the most difficult jobs to recruit for are in Sales, especially in the north-western side of the country – probably because they have more options to work abroad. Another category that creates difficulties is the Mechanics/ Engineers jobs, as we’ve noticed that less and less specialists are formed in this area.


Is the personality of the candidate an important trait, besides his expertise? What are your expectations from candidates?


Usually, having some experience and specific qualifications are basic requirements. Nevertheless, some qualities/traits are highly on the agenda when recruiting. The employee that we are looking for shows passion about his/her work, is able to build professional relationships, sees the change as everyday reality and accepts challenges with responsibility, as there is a need to adapt to continuous changes in the business environment, seeks solutions and is constantly determined to improve – himself/herself/processes/products. Our “wanted” candidate has a “can do” attitude.


Do you think a CV and a good Cover Letter is enough to hire someone?


A CV and a good Cover Letter are merely a way to get the attention, to get to an interview, but there’s a long way to go before getting hired. The meeting, the discussion that you have with a candidate, corroborated with professional tests or simulations, reveal more about the candidate’s traits, experience and potential to face the new job. CV’s and letters of intent are many times subjective. Making a selection of suitable candidates based on the CV only is difficult and may eliminate good candidates before giving them the chance of a job interview.


Why did you choose 1tedjob?


1tedjob is not a digital portal or site to collect CV’s, it is an online recruitment instrument, which is already scoring and selecting the most suitable candidates based on tests and video interviews.

We also chose 1tedjob because it helps not only as a recruitment tool but it also moves into the selection area as it gives you the opportunity to use and customize professional tests. Using 1tedjob, the recruitment process is faster, very transparent and very cost effective compared with the classical way of recruiting.


What should a good manager be like? 


A good manager, apart from experience and knowledge, should have a good, positive attitude, drive for the job challenges and openness for continuous change.


How do you evaluate a junior candidate who does not have experience to prove his skills?


If the particularities of the job or the context allow the company to invest time and resources to prepare the junior employees, then, we look for the candidate’s potential and especially we explore his soft skills, the openness and the ability to learn new things.



Marius had found the right people for his business. One more proof that 1tedjob delivers results as fast and as simple as possible. We are more than just a job seeking website, we are an innovative recruitment platform. Join us today to explore all the opportunities we offer.


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