Viviana Manolache

Interview – Viviana Manolache, HR Director Aquila

This month we continue to discuss the challenges faced by the HR department when it comes to finding the right candidate. We invite you to read our latest interview with Viviana Manolache, HR Director at Aquila.

1.How does the logistics & transport job market look like at the end of 2017? What departments offer the most jobs and what departments are the most financially rewarding?

When it comes to logistics and transportation, the job market is experiencing a continuous expansion, with different opportunities for development. From purchase and delivery, and from internal shipping to mass distribution, the department in charge with logistics offers the most personalized solutions.

The success depends on these personalized and smart solutions, as well as upon a well organized transportation network. There are many job openings in the logistics and external shipping departments. Regarding the remuneration, the same departments have the most attractive salary packages, since any additional compensation is based on different KPIs.

2.What are the challenges in recruiting for the logistics & transport industry?

Given the current human resource deficiency, caused by the massive migration of the Romanian work force towards other European countries, the selection criteria are different for each candidate or position. Regarding the recruiting process, the biggest challenge is to handle the information on all online channels, at the fastest pace. Many things have change and nowadays, besides salary, there are other aspects which are considered decisive by the candidates: the working environment, the flexible schedule, the colleagues or the rapid advancement within the company. We don’t  have time for any shortlists, we discuss the job offer from the moment that we first meet.

3. How does Aquila usually recruit? In filling positions do you first make use of internal selection and referrals or do you post all job announcements directly on specialized websites?

In any given situation we take into account all the resources – internal, external or recommendations coming from the current employees – in order to find the right candidate. At Aquila we recruit actively and continuously for all hierarchical levels. Yet, when it comes to promotion within the company, the first option is to recruit internally. We are looking for passionate and committed candidates.

4. What are some of the requirements necessary for a job position at Aquila?

Passionate, committed and devoted candidates are the most wanted. English and computer skills are important filters, as well as an open-minded attitude and a desire to learn new things.

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