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Interview with Avak Terzian: “The greatest wealth of the world is human resource”

Today we invite you to our blog to once again meet Avak Terzian, our friend and partner, who will take you on a Human Resources adventure. Avak has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Human Resources, and has worked for important companies such as Unilever, Speedy and DHL.

You’ve been part of great companies in the roles of HR Manager and General Manager: Unilever, Speedy JSC, and Star Performining. What did the different positions (HR Manager and General Manager) bring you in terms of meaning, learning and experience in all these years?

All these years I have been part of great companies where everyone who respects himself can learn so many things. As a HR Manager, the most important thing that I learned is how to work with different employee types. The success of the business depends on the mix of its employees. The team dynamic is the determinant in these economic times and in global industry.

In my experience as a General Manager I learned how to think in a strategic way. To achieve success, you must see the big picture that is most of the time formed in diverse ways, has different means and ends. It’s not only about having the mission or the future in mind, but you need to see the results in practice.

Which are the top 5 challenges faced by the HR industry in Bulgaria when it comes to recruiting and HR industry per se?

–       Digital HR

–       Talent management

–       Organizational strategy

–       Change management

–       Leadership development

–       HR effectiveness measurement

–       Organizational effectiveness

–       Succession planning

–       Learning and development

You partnered with Radu Stanescu some years ago and you are doing many things together in Bulgaria and Romania through Star Performining. What is Star Performining doing today and which were your biggest achievements in these years?

The biggest achievement in these years is the establishing of Star Performining. Using my experiences as a HR Manager and the ability to see the big picture and to predict the future of the labor market we decided to build a company where we can manage the human resources to help the companies and, especially, help the employees.

Today, we can proudly point to the achievements of Speedy Company, with which Star Performining has been partnered for 10 years now.

You used the 1tedjob platform, and you are still using it, for recruiting people for Speedy and Star Performining. Which was your experience with 1tedjob and why did you choose 1tedjob as a solution for recruiting?

1tedjob.com is the most innovative solution these days for meeting HR requirements. So many tools in one platform – the best choice for improving the recruitment process. Nowadays it is not enough just to see the candidate’s CV and decide if he or she is the perfect person who will fit in your organization. Also, it is a waste of time to call candidates and to arrange interviews – nobody will show up. With the help of 1tedjob.com and the Star Performining-platform, one can find the appropriate people, by assessing their know-how through different tests and video interviews, saving time and money.

Could you give us 1-2 recommendations for international HR platforms/professionals that you usually read/follow?

-CIPD and Harvard Business Review

Can you tell us two skills that you feel are important for a future HR professional and why?

–  Communication with people – the greatest wealth of the world is human resource. If you invest and pay attention on your people, your business will earn success.

–  The close connection between HR and the strategy of the company.

Can you name some of the major influences on your career decisions?

  1. Nikolay Hadjidonchev
  2. Valeri Mektupchiyan
  3. Radu Stanescu
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