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IRC Global Executive Search Partners has a new exclusive partner in Romania

Globally connected and locally committed, IRC Global Executive Search Partners is a professional alliance of executive search firms who know that sourcing and retaining key leadership talent are essential for the success of a company, anywhere it may be located.

Though spread around 80 cities from 6 continents, confidentiality, precision and urgency are the key attributes for every member of this alliance. Radu Stănescu, founder, is now exclusive partner in Romania of IRC Global Executive Search Partners, by the agency of ZoomonPeople and its representative, Atanas Galchev. This means that Romania is now part of a network of professionals with a track record of more than 30,000 completed assignments for 2,000+ clients in almost every conceivable industry segment and function.
The success of this alliance is based on leveraging decades of collective experience, deep industry knowledge and trusted referral sources. This was the starting point of an event at the beginning of April, when regional HR executives and successful Italian entrepreneurs joined the IRC team at the EMEA Meeting 2017 in the city of Naples for a leadership panel discussion focused on “Tradition & Innovation” and the way business dynamics are changing all around the world.
Having participated in the event, Radu Stănescu has now met with all the representative members of European countries, having undergone an extensive knowhow exchange about the best way to help clients adapt to the future and value their tradition and past experiences from the position of a trusted advisor.
Romania will now also be on the projects map, with a reliable tool in candidate screening and executive search process. The upcoming global conference, where Radu Stănescu will also be present, will be another occasion for establishing a meaningful presence and leveraging the knowhow of all IRC Global Executive Search Partners.

Below are some of the key takeouts from the event.

What does IRC bring new to executive search, in terms of process and performance?
What stands out as a major shift in approach is the strong European and global network of both consultants and clients. This means that consultants from all around the world can be found working on the same project, if the job requires it, in a new expression of team-work. Another thing is that having this level of know-how, from this many professionals, means that sourcing and screening techniques are being constantly improved and up-to-date for the specific locations.

What is essential for companies in order to succeed in this dramatically changing business environment, shaped by the digital era?
Following discussions with partners from all over the world, it became clear that for companies to succeed it is essential to keep a balance between finding the right candidate rapidly and efficiently, while not making concessions when it comes to the process of employee selection, attraction and development.

What does the membership in this global alliance mean for Romania, in general, and in particular?
This membership opens the doors for a global market when it comes to recruitment. First of all, it means expanding the geographical area where Romania can find valuable candidates, by bringing in expats that are better fit for the job than what the local industry has to offer at one point. Also, this gives the same opportunities for Romanian managers as well: entrance in the recruitment process from other countries, where they might find a better fit than what is currently being offered to them.

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