Lessons from the Progresiv Conference 2017

Under the slogan “PATHS TO GROWTH”, The Progresiv Conference, the largest and the most important retail & FMCG business event in Romania, reunited almost 450 professionals at Sinaia, at the 2017 edition. Recognized as the essential meeting place in the retail calendar, the Progresiv Conference gathers annually over 350 delegates from the boardroom level decision makers from distribution and FMCG manufacturers, retail, research and consultancy companies.
This year, 1TEDJOB was also represented at the conference, by Radu Stanescu, the founder of the platform. By participating, Radu had the intention of better understanding the needs and challenges that these industries are facing and how can meet these needs, but also to estabilsh the first connections for the partnership that 1TEDJOB just started with Progresiv.  1tedjob and Progresiv developed a jobs section, where you can find only jobs from the retail & FMCG industry, both operational and managerial level.

Here are some take aways from the speakers at the conference, that we think are interesting for you, even you are a candidate looking for a professional opportunity or a company that want to recruit:

  • “Stop brainstorming. Don’t look for creativity, look for effective answers. Develop all the skills you need.” – Dave Birss
  • “There is no mobile strategy anymore. Just strategy in a mobile world.” – Guillaume Guerrin
  • Premium perceptions is more than prices for the consumers, as it follows: “It is made with high quality materials or ingredients.”; “It offers superior function or performance.”; “It is from a well known or trusted brand.”
  • “There is greater loyalty from the consumers in online than in offline. In online, customers spent 3 times more than in offline, with each acquisition.” – Mircea Draja
  • People don’t just want to have more, they want to be more. The strong belief that by consuming some products or services they will become an improved version of themselves. The is an increased need of connection, even with strangers, a need to live longer and generally to be more.” – Ioana Mucenic

Two famous quotes that aroused our attention and we want to share with you: “The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone.” (Eric Ries); “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will not forget how you made them feel” (Maya Angelou)

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