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Let’s talk about tests, baby

We all know that famous 80’s song, don’t we? :) Leaving music aside, we are definitely talking about tests today. As we previously told you, one of the unique features of 1tedjob.com is the batch of predefined (and not only) tests a company can require their candidates to take.


For example, let’s say you need to hire someone for your controlling department. Just enter your recruiter account,  add a new job (here you can see how you can do that) and then simply check the box in front of the General SJT,  a test for Finance and controlling:


test 1


SJT stands for Situational Judgmental Test (SJT) and it is designed to find out how candidates would theoretically behave in different work related situations. The questions are designed by professional experts, who asked managers of different companies, what typical situations arise in the job role and, how an existing successful employee would behave in response to that situation.

The answers of the candidates are compared to the “model” answers to see how closely their behavior traits match those of already successful people. Even more, they can also measure beside the total efficiency for the entire test, the efficiency per each competency or skill analyzed.

Other SJT tests are designed to test the skills of people applying for jobs like Sales Managers, or General Managers, Trade Marketing Specialists, Customer Service Professionals and so on.

If you believe that the predefined tests are not enough to give you a good image on how qualified the candidates are, worry not, the platform allows you to build your own tests. You can design a set of questions and tasks for the candidates and simply upload it for them to take it.

test 2


Give it a shot here and then let us know how it went in the comments section.


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