Meet the candidate: How I won with 1tedjob

Landing the dream job was a personal goal and I decided I will not lower my expectations under no circumstances when it comes to finding my place in the business environment. This is why I tried many ways of reaching exactly the companies that interested me in particular and the position I always aimed for.


The new job I got at DPD, Commercial Director, is exciting! I like the fact that the industry is in a growing mood with a lot of competition which will stimulate innovation and will be very much customer oriented. DPD is one of the leading courier companies in Romania and it is very ambitious to redesign the future and I’m very proud to be part of the change in the next years.


I am also satisfied that I didn’t get here by following traditional steps, wasting time and waiting too much on e-mails coming and going back and forth. I was surprised about the process in comparison with other similar experiences with other recruitment agencies.
1tedjob is very comprehensive, with a lot of steps, combining all new technologies (like online assessment, video interview, skype) with traditional face to face discussions.


Aside from the fact that from the recruiter’s point of view he had the opportunity to asses in details the future candidates and minimize potential future surprises, I felt a lot of added value from the candidate’s perspective, because the platform helped me understand which are both my strengths and areas of where I needed improvement.


Even if you do not finish the process and get the job, you will however gain valuable information about your profile, that you can use in the future to learn from and develop yourself.


  • Since we are on that topic, I feel I should also give back to the community and tell you some things I have learnt from my previous experience, when it comes to choosing a career path. Ideally speaking there are some steps to be done in order to find out what exactly you want from your career path:
    start early during college by jumping in on an internship or maybe look for a trainee job. This will help you understand what you like and wish for in the future.
  • Look for a good manager, or even better, for a leader and ask for coaching and mentoring.
  • Last but not least, when you have a pretty decent image of what you want, imagine what your career peak looks like and design your following steps.
  • Finally, 2 more tips: every time you choose your next job try to understand if is in line with your journey. And second, from time to time revise the steps you already took and do not be afraid to change and apply creative ways in the future if necessary.

Keep your dreams a tad realistic though. I have moments when I wish I was a commercial flight commander or an all road racing driver, but you really need to be built in a special manner for those ones. I am still perfectly happy with my decisions.


In the end, I want to recommend you all a book I was impressed by: Richard Branson’s „Screw It, Let’s Do It – Lessons from life school”. As a personality, Jack Welch fascinated me from a leadership perspective. And one more, there is a lesson to be learned from Leornado DiCaprio story, who finally received the Oscar: never give up! Believe in your dream.


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