Recruiters know what you did last summer

Back in the days, recruiters didn’t have too many tools to rely on when it came to the hiring process, especially if they needed to do a background check. When it came to how much a candidate would fit in the organizational culture and how much value that person would bring to the company, it was a matter of luck as much as the recruiter’s mix of instinct and experience.

Nowadays, technology has evolved enough to bring us those spaces where we gather friends, relatives and the pictures from the last wild party we attended, spaces more commonly known as online networks. Also, spaces less commonly known as recruiters’ secret resource before making a hiring decision.

The social media check remains an open debate, especially when it comes to their accuracy in determining the personality and capabilities of prospective employees. However, this is a subject for another time. What we know is that if one is looking for a job, one should learn to play by the book.

So here are just a few of the things you might want to leave out of your next social media post, even if you think your privacy options are up to date, in order to make your profile “job friendly”.

Don’t mention:
• Use of drugs
• Sexual behavior
• Complaints about your (previous) employer
• How you actually went to a party when you called in sick
• The alcohol quantity you can drink in one night
• Bad jokes about your team
• Classified information
• Radical opinions on sensitive issues

Surely, no one is proposing that you lie on your social media profile or paint a different portrait of the person you really are in order to get the job you want. What we are suggesting, though, is that maybe you trade the compromising pictures that will come back to haunt you for posts that highlight the good addition you would be to the team: be it volunteer or charity work, examples of previous accomplishments at your job or those wonderful experiences you had with your team.

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