Final interview

The final interview: what to do

You know the moment: you’ve been through a series of interviews with the company of your dreams, you have been getting positive feedback, the people you met loved you, and you can already see yourself working there. Then, finally, there it is: you’ve been called for the final interview.

What do you do now? You have already touched all major points and you have established how fit you are for the job, so you might get the feeling that this is just a formality. But don’t forget that, at this point, it is still an interview and you might actually still have some competition left.
In this context, here are a few steps you can take to smooth your way into your dream job.

Sell yourself as the right candidate for the job

As we were saying, this is still an interview therefore you still need to make your case. Reiterate your strengths and the value you could bring to the company, bring into discussion the positive feedback you received during your previous interviews and touch on the points that were not addressed or that you feel were covered poorly.

Brag a little

You might think this could be counterproductive, but if you find that fine line to walk between narcissistic and person who knows their worth, you’re all set. Knowing the value you brought to the previous table means you are able to think in terms of company gain and clear objectives.

Picture yourself as part of the team

Even more, paint yourself as part of the team. Where would your office be? Who would be your team? How hard is it to book the conference room? How do people have lunch around there? It is not only useful for you, but once your interviewers also have an image of you working there, it might be easier for them to make a decision.

Showcase your wonderful personality

We know it is your dream job, but you wouldn’t want to be hired for the wrong reasons, would you? If your true self doesn’t actually fit in the company culture, then both you and the company might be better off on your separate ways. This final round interview is the moment when interviewers decide if you fit into the wider picture so it is best that they have enough data. It is also the moment when you might establish important connections, should you be hired, so don’t be afraid to laugh a little, throw in a little joke, or tell the CEO that you too have a passion for pasta.

Be professional

Laughing and joking is fun and all, but having employees who know when it’s time to roll up their sleeves is critical for a company looking to grow, so to know that is also critical for you in landing the job. Therefore be present and focused enough to pick up on the cues that the party is over and it is time to get down to business.

Good luck with your final round interview!

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