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The new HR department


People who believe that the HR department’s role is solely to solve paperwork and call people for interviews is very wrong. For many years the people working in HR have tried, and now they also start to succeed, to explain their companies the benefits of employer branding and how that cannot be made just by the marketing department because it needs key insights from the recruitment team.


Attracting new talent for your company is a difficult job because it has to do with the whole company. While during a face to face interview you can explain in a very simple manner what are the benefits for future employees, what can you do when you recruit online and when you have to deal with remote employees as well.


People who do not come in direct contact with you and your company believe only what they see happening in social media and media and rarely what they hear from friends of friends of friends. And we know how these kind of messages arrive – distorted and often completely untrue.


This is why the HR department needs to start working more and more with their marketing teams to build a correct and positive image for the company. This is called employer branding. And it is the best tactic to attract great talent at interviews. A business always up to date with technology, using the best recruitment tools on the market – both online and offline, who tries its best to keep their people happy and always making progress sounds like the company that can offer you the dream job.


Human resources specialists are the first point of contact between a company and candidates and they need to do their best to evaluate people as good as possible and also to make then feel comfortable and guarantee that they will be treated well. All in very tight time frames usually and with little to no cost, if possible.


Why are we writing about this topic in particular? Because we can help you add an extra layer of comfort for your future employee. Recruiting through 1tedjob saves you time and money, but also saves their time and money and enhances their chances to prove you their skills. They get fair chances of being chosen, they benefit from a correct evaluation and most important, they do not have to go through many issues regarding transportation and also being able to stop worrying about being nervous and failing because of a bad day.


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