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I am here today to tell you about how the wonderful story of 1tedjob.com has developed from a simple idea to what we can all benefit from today – a complex platform meant to bring together great talent and excellent companies.
For six months, the business model that we have built the platform on has been refined through consistent meetings and debates held with companies CEOs from various industries, with colleagues, friends, managers and entrepreneurs.

While building the concept and through various stages of 1tedjob I have permanently been in contact with clients, to make sure that the product will always meet and even exceed their needs. Looking back today, I wouldn’t have done anything differently as I am convinced that what you see here today is in close connection with the day-to-day reality, due to the permanent connection with direct beneficiaries of the project, the constant feedback flow and the dedication to our goal, delivering an useful product.

Aside from the input gathered from the industries, the other essential component of the development process has been the great team I had working on this platform. Starting with our IT specialists, our consultants and partners, our communications team, our lawyers and the rest of the staff, they all had a perfect understanding of the market we were launching ourselves into and knew exactly what issues this tool needs to solve.

You’ll ask why me and why this specific topic to develop on. Let’s address them separately.


Why me?

I have a background of over 20 years as a consultant in management, that I have gathered working for national and multinational organizations in Eastern, Central and Southern Europe. My field of expertise ranges from business strategies on both external and internal level and I am passionate about building and delivering optimal organizational structures. During my career I have worked with over 50 companies, first as employee in Heineken, Unilever or Purator, secondly as consultant and I have been involved in more than 400 different projects where I dealt with large teams (over 80 members), international groups and very specialized staff.

Another area of interest for me has always been the perpetual learning process that is why I have also dived into organizational development. I am certified by Center for Creative Leadership, Psychometrics Canada, OPP London and Strategyzer Swiss, for the use of the following international consultancy instruments: Discover the leader in you, Leading through transition, Leadership in crisis periods, 360º Evaluation suite, MBTI, FIRO-B, Thomas-Killman, Leadership Campbell and Canvas.


Why this topic?

This platform was born due to a series of circumstances. During my experience as part of the recruitment process, I have met many challenges specific not just to me but to many other managers in various companies and countries. Candidates as well have raised many questions and topics of debate that also needed a solution.

For example, one of the biggest problems for companies is related to the time spent on searching for the right candidate. While searching, the costs counter is running like insane in direct relation to the time frame, the location and the rank of the job position needed to be filled. The second issue was that of the poor filters one recruiter could apply before calling in people to interview them. Usually the CV paints a very distorted image of the candidate, but nobody can know that before they meet in person, meeting that is a true challenge when many candidates are in a different city or even country. Third, online databases with candidates are enormous and again, the filters do not work properly, and last but not least, companies feared they did not select people who were really great for the job because of the candidates’ lack of skills to promote themselves.

Long story short we needed answers for a few questions:

  • how do we shorten the recruitment time period
  • how do I test the candidates before they get to the interview
  • how do I minimize the effort of evaluating the candidates before the final interview
  • how do you promote the really good candidates for the jobs available
  • how can candidates prove their abilities
  • how can the candidates receive feedback

Everything had to bare a single name

This is how 1tedjob was born. It is a solution that answers all the questions above, an instrument that raises the productivity and efficiency of the recruitment process. Filtering the candidates is now easier and more accurate than ever thanks to our situational and decisional tests that they need to take in order to prove their skills, abilities and professional behaviors. Each company can add its own tests and 1tedjob offers support in building good evaluation sheets. Moreover, the platform allows companies to conduct video interviews for a better scan of the candidates.

In the same time, candidates benefit from a place where they can build their CV and portfolio in an attractive manner, they can get feedback by completing the tests the platform offers and they also get additional certificates that prove their skills. They have the opportunity to sustain a video interview with the company they wish to work for and they can be promoted in searches based on their level of competence.


The future sounds great. And efficient

1tedjob will definitely not stop here. We will continue to add specialized evaluation procedures, we will constantly bring you useful information through our blog, we will try to offer you valuable insights on the job market and we will make it as easy as possible to recruit from a larger and larger pool of candidates. Our plans are getting greater and greater and we are positive that soon 1tedjob will be the perfect solution for bridging between talent and companies.


Find exactly the jobs or candidates you want: www.1tedjob.com



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