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Why we’re not your usual job website

Dream jobs are difficult to find. If they simply were to be found all over the place, they would not be dreams and life goals anymore, they’d be formalities. You can waste your time by pursuing every lead and see if it is the right thing or not, or you can try a new approach in job hunting.


Here is our proposition: you can search for jobs inside a platform that channels you towards the companies you aim for and the jobs you want to obtain. By completing the tests we have already set in your account you can add extra certifications to your CV and show every employer what you really are capable of. You can save time, money and avoid stressful situation by recording your own video interviews or the ones that the companies ask you to record.


Here is how it works:
Enter our website at, register as a Candidate and start building your profile by adding an image of you, fill in your education, experience and certifications. Once this is all set in place, go to My Tests and take the predefined test we have prepared for you. This will give you a better understanding on what type of employee you are and what jobs should fit you best. After you are done with this too, it’s time to start searching and view all the open positions listed here. Make sure you check every day because we constantly add new ones.


If you decide to apply for any of them, do so and, as soon as you get selected we will e-mail you and tell you what the following steps of the recruitment process are. Usually these steps are requirements to take a specialized test or to record a video interview where you answer specific questions, related to the job you applied for.


If you are not sure about applying, save the job for later and take your time to think. Also, if you think you have a friend who is not on but could be suited for a job you came across, hit the Recommend button and let him know about it. We will be here to help him as well.


Have a good search with!



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